I’m back with one mock meat to rule them all: CHICKENY CHICKLESS SEITAN! | Mary’s Test Kitchen

Hi Friends! And not-yet-friends! I’m so excited to share this perfect plant-based stand-in for chicken to veganize your favourite chicken recipes. Use this shreddable seitan anywhere you want so toothsome high protein texture and savory flavour like in vegan chicken tacos, vegan chicken sandwiches, and vegan chicken soup!

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CHICKENY CHICKLESS SEITAN RECIPE: https://mtk.fyi/ChickenyChicklessSeitanRECIPE

OYSTER MUSHROOM OVEN DRYING DIRECTIONS (temporarily here b/c my website is having issues atm)
The seitan recipe uses up the equivalent of 1/4 lb fresh oyster mushrooms but I recommend preparing at least 1 lb at a time to make the effort worth it! Plus, it makes a great gift for fellow home cooks!

1. Clean off any substrate clinging on to your fresh, plump oyster mushrooms. Discard any slimy, wilty or discolour mushrooms.

2. Arrange mushrooms on a couple of nonstick baking sheets.

3. Set to dry in your oven set to the lowest possible setting. Mine goes to 170°F. Bake the trays of mushrooms immediately; there’s no need to preheat. I also crack the oven door open with a wooden spoon (careful not to touch the heating element!) because my oven is very well sealed and keeps moisture in. Especially with older ovens, you might not have to do that.

After one hour, check and see if they totally dried. If not, flip them and continue baking. Depending on how much moisture your mushrooms had, the humidity, etc the time needed can vary.

You may also find some pieces of mushroom crisp up faster (like the smaller thinner pieces). Just remove them as you go.

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