Spinach and Chickpea Curry ☆ ほうれん草とひよこ豆のカレー

Same video without music : https://youtu.be/2yD6Y-nl_k4


Music : Epidemic Sound / http://share.epidemicsound.com/FQbHC
#1 // By the Creek – Magnus Ludvigsson
#2 // Etude Alone – Trevor Kowalski
#3 // Fugetsu – Sayuri Hayashi Egnell
#4 // Oriro – Anders Schill Paulsen



60g oil
1 tbsp coriander seed
5 pieces cardamon seed
2 tsp cumin seed

300g onion
20g garlic
20g ginger
300g spinich
150g water

30g oil
1/8 tsp hing powder
1/4 tsp fenugreek powder

2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp chili powder

150g chickpea (Raw/Dried)


1. pour oil into a pot and add cumin seed, coriander seed and cardamon seed.
2. add ginger, garlic, onion and spinach then continue to cook until cooked.
3. transfer to a blender container. add water and blend until smooth.
4. soak chickpeas at least 6 hours then cook.
5. put 30g oil in a pot, add hing powder and fenugreek powder.
6. add the spinach mixture, salt and chili powder.
7. Enjoy!



オイル 60g
コリアンダーシード 小さじ3
カルダモンシード 5つ
クミンシード 小さじ2

玉ねぎ 300g
生姜 20g
ニンニク 20g
ほうれん草 300g
水  150g

オイル 30g
アサフェティダパウダー 小さじ 1/8
フェヌグリークパウダー 小さじ1/4

塩 小さじ2
チリパウダー 小さじ1/4(生の青唐辛子があればそっちの方が本格的)

ひよこ豆(乾燥・生) 150g




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Equipments & etc:

Camera : Sony A7SIII
Lens : FE 35mm F1.4 ZA [SEL35F14Z]
Lens Filter : Kenko variable NDX II 82mm
Monitor : Atomos Shinobi
Tripods:SLIK carbon 923 pro/ SLIK carbon 823 pro/ SLIK mini pro 7/ RRS TP-243 Ground-Level Tripod
Edit : Adobe Premiere Pro


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